Google Maps Marketing For Dentists – Local SEO

Google is always changing and evolving and the maps section (3-pack) is no different. I want you to watch the below video and absorb it into your own scenario in your area. After watching the video, let’s get on a call and I will personally share my screen with you as I show you the opportunities you have to double, triple or more the number of calls coming into your dental practice from your google business listing.


Dentist Google Maps 3-Pack Ranking Report

We ran a google maps (business listing) ranking report for a dentist in Wheat Ridge Colorado (see above). 85% of business calls come from the maps listings when someone does a search on their mobile device or desktop. Each circle represents a 1 mile radius. The red means the maps ranings are beyond position 20. People only see the top 3 results, and if there is an ad they’ll see that as well.

This dentist is losing out on several hundred calls per month from these underperforming google maps rankings. Just imagine if he/she was in the top 3 for not only right at their geography location but for miles (additional circles) outside of their immediate location? It would be a massive increase in calls to their office, and ultimately more booked appointments and patients.

How To Rank A Dentist In Google Maps – Local SEO

Ranking your dental practice in the 3-pack of the maps (local SEO) section of google on page one can be a massive influx of calls to your office. For the time being, google has made this section the most prominent on the search results page (serps). On a mobile device it is right near the top, so when someone is doing a mobile search (over 70% of local searches are on mobile), the 3 dentists that rank in the top of the maps will get the majority of all calls. AS you can see, this is worth it for you to hire a credible dental SEO company that can prove they will get your results in a reasonable time and within a reasonable initial budget.

Local SEO Services for Google Maps

Optimization specifically targeted towards Google Maps marketing has quickly become an integral piece for local SEO. Being found near the top of the Google Maps listings (both in the local 3-pack and Google Maps search results) is valuable for any business that’s marketing to a local audience. Local maps SEO drives highly-qualified local traffic to all types of businesses. As a result, Google maps optimization has become one of the most powerful investments local SEO marketing.

Get Your Google Reviews Up

Look at the top 3 in the maps in your area and compare how many reviews they have and you have. You will most of the time see a correlation although it’s not a huge ranking factor. But what it is, is once we get you ranking in the 3-pack people will compare those top 3 with who has the most reviews and the highest rating, so you must continue to focus on getting more google reviews.

A well-executed Google Maps Dental SEO strategy is one of the most powerful marketing endeavors for any dental office (or multiple locations) that wants to dominate their local area.



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