Do You Own Your Dental Content? Beware!

What I want to discuss in the article is Google Authorship for your dental practice.

Google Authorship For Dentists
Get Ownership Of Your Dental Content
With Google Authorship

Do you put add new content on a consistent basis to your dental website? If so, is it written by you or your team, or by a marketing company? I ask… because you need to be cautious of getting content provided to you by a marketing company because it may very well be on dozens of other dental sites on the net.

This is not good, and will not help you rank high in your area. And, not ranking high on the first page is a killer to your business.

Doesn’t matter how good your service is, or how beautiful your practice is. If no one can find you when they are searching for a dentist in your locale you’re toast!

I have seen this time-and-time again! The blog sections of dental websites that have the very same article (and images) as dozens of other dental blogs. This does your practice no good. In fact, in googles eyes, it may hurt it.

As you may know by now, Google owns the game on the Internet. And for them, it’s now google plus. If you don’t play their game, by their rules, you lose and your competitors get all the patients from the Internet.

Benefit Of Google Authorship

There are many benefits, but near the top is you own the content, and you are letting google know you own it!

The more content (blogs, articles) you produce that are optimized for google authorship, the higher you will rank in the search engines for that content. What’s that mean to your business? You get more traffic (eyeballs) to more pages on your website, and that can turn into more phone calls (inquires) to your practice, thereby increasing your revenue potential.

Stand Out In The Google Results
With Your Author Image

If you look at the image to the right, you’ll see I optimized my clients authorship in google, and his picture is the only one on the entire page.

He is at the very top of the first page in google for this, so not only will he get most of the clicks because of his position, but because his image is showing.

Do you think people would be more apt to click on that search result as it stands out? I think so.

Also, in the google+ local results on the first page, his image shows up again, so people searching will keep seeing his picture, again-and-again, and be drawn to click on it, and go to the website.

Trust And Authority

You build trust and authority on the internet with people, and that is the “key to the kingdom” when it comes to getting more traffic to your website from people searching google.

When people can link you to the content on your website (blog), they will trust you more…than reading content that people may have seen on multiple dental sites.

With google integrating all their properties (gmail, G+, and places (local)) it is critical for you to be optimized for all of these. Gmail isn’t as critical, but it creates some consistency with all your activities on the Internet.

I could go more indepth, but I know your busy tending to your patients. Just remember that content marketing should be a focus in all your dental internet marketing.

More Traffic From Search Results

Over 95% of the dentists I talk to do not have authorship set up, so that leaves a huge opportunity for you to get it set up, and start reaping the benefits of more search traffic than your local competitors.

Look at these 2 images below, that Justin Briggs had on his blog. These are called eye-tracking, heat maps, so the brightest areas are where the most eyeballs are going during a search in google.

heat map for google search result

As Justin mentions, as you see, the first result still gets lots of eyeballs, but the author image is pulling the user far down the page. It




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