From Good To Great Dentistry #21

Gary Kadi Dental Consultant

Gary Kadi is the CEO of NextLevel Practice, a dental consultancy firm. NextLevel Practice was created to implement the Complete Health Dentistry™ business model, where teams willingly embrace and implement change, patients transform and invest in their health, and doctors can follow their vision.

Gary is a speaker, an author, husband and father located in Manhattan. He is all over social media, motivating large groups of dental professionals.

He is the author of three books focusing on dentistry, business, personal development and finance. His first book: “Million Dollar Dentistry” is considered the “bible” on dental practice management. Gary is also the producer of the film “Say Ahh” the world’s first documentary on oral health, and renowned as a leading, revolutionary thinker in the world of healthcare.

Topic: How to Go From Good to Great Dentistry

Learning Objectives:

  • How to lead a driven, fun, purposeful, millennial team
  • The number one blind spot in your success… raising your HDL (Healthy Deserve Level)
  • Why your patients only want to do what insurance covers
  • Shifting your patients mindset from pain and dread to a no miss necessity for over health and longevity

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