A Dental Lab Helping You Attract More Cosmetic Patients

Frontier Dental Lab

Today’s guest is going to talk about how their dental lab is bringing high end cosmetic cases to their dental clients like no other lab is doing.

Gil Villavecer is the partner and chief marketing officer of Frontier Dental Lab.

Gil is behind the innovative and often times, disruptive marketing campaigns designed to help dentists be more successful. This includes Direct to Consumer programs which result in patients getting connected with Top Cosmetic Dentists. I’m also looking forward to hearing about how Frontier was featured in Times Square as well.

Topics We Covered:

  • The state of the lab industry today – digitization, # of labs decreasing, acquiring and keeping top talent.
  • How can a lab differentiate itself and be a valued partner/provider to the dentist.
  • What are pain points for dentists/labs.
  • Common Denominators of Top Performing Practices.
  • How did a Dental Lab end up on a Billboard on Times Square during New York Fashion Week.

Website: Frontier Dental Lab
Instagram:Frontier Dental Lab IG

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