Get More Google Reviews Fast To Attract More Patients

One critical component to your dental business success is online reviews, especially google reviews. With all things being equal if you have the most 5 star google reviews you will get the clicks and calls. Hands down!

Even Referrals Check Your Online Reputation

I often have calls with dentists who say their business is referral-based. Although I do not think that is a stable strategy to maintain growth, let’s go with it.

When someone gets a referral for any business, one of the first things they will do it get online and do some research. Most of the time they will not just pick up the phone and hire you. They want to make sure they are making the right decision for themselves or their family.

Google Reviews Are Key

There are a few top reviews sites we’ll cover for businesses, but google being the biggest search engine in the world should be at the top of your list.  Their reviews are extremely important not only for higher click through rates but even rankings for your dental business.

When someone searches google for a dentist or a dental procedure, the search results will show ads at the top (research shows only 15% of people click on the ads and the rest (85%) skip them), and right below the ads are the maps section (the box).

Within the maps section may be one ad, and then the top 3 listings. These listing get over 70% of the clicks and calls, so ranking in the google maps 3-pack can double or triple the calls/inquiries to your business for multiple procedures. What would that be worth to you in new revenue? In the thousands of dollars every month at a minimum.

Yelp – Love’em Or Hat’em

Yelp is probably one of the most hated companies by business owners. They have created a monopoly online with top rankings in Google for nearly every business service search.

With that being said, it is important you claim and optimize your Yelp business listing to its fullest to show up higher in their local search results.

Have a strategy to get 10-20 Yelp reviews at a minimum, but the worst thing about Yelp is their filtering of real reviews from people who are not consistently on their platform posting reviews. This is a massive issue and one that they should not be able to get away with but it is still happening today.

Google Your Business Name + Reviews

One of the first things you do in managing your online reputation is to go to google and type in your “business name reviews”. For example Smith Family Dentistry reviews.

As part of our reputation management for dentists, we do that for you. But either way, it must be done to see what your current online reputation is with all the most important review sites. This will give you a snapshot and what a person will see when they are researching you.

For many of you, it will be an eye-opener for sure. You’ll come across reviews and reviews sites you’ve never seen before but remember this is what a person will see and consume before they hire a dentist.

Here’s How To Get Real Patient Google Reviews Fast

When you do your research you’ll find many software programs and website services that promise google reviews fast. Unfortunately, many of these companies are not getting real, patient reviews for your dental business, and if they are they are quite expensive on a monthly basis. They are getting fake reviews that at any point may get your website banned or penalized in google when they find out.

Doctible is an online review platform for healthcare business such as dental. I’ve researched may of the top companies, and actually had the CEO of Doctible as a guest on our podcast – Ajit Viswanathan.

In my opinion, they are one of the more robust, effective and affordable platforms for a dental office. Knowing how important online reviews, especially google reviews are, you should give them a hard look.

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