Email Still Works…You Better Be Using It!

Many companies have written off email marketing, or lowered it on their priority list.

This in my opinion is a big mistake!

If you are not using email in your follow up strategy with clients, and for lead generation, you are losing a huge percentage of revenue.

Sending sequenced emails that are pre-planned, is a fantastic marketing strategy.

Send Value-Driven Emails

Just look at the big online retailers like Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom and others. Do you get emails from them? I know I do, as well as my wife. Do we get annoyed with them? No! They are value-driven with special offers to get us back in their store.

Print Money On Demand

Email marketing is like printing money. If you build a list of customers and prospects, you can send out an offer to them, and guaranteed you will get a percentage of them to either come to your offline store, or buy from your website if you sell products.

For those of you who don’t use email, you miss out on this opportunity to reach out to your list. I know for a fact, many companies bring in additional money in the tens of thousands of dollars from just one email.

Make Up For Slow Times

How would you like to know when your slow times are, and send out an email enticement to get people to come to your business? It can be a reality, and one that can greatly increase your revenue on normally slow days, or times of year.

Top Of Mind Awareness

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hired a local service never to hear from them again. What a mistake! All they had to do was get my email address, and connect with me once every month or two, and I would be thinking of them.

Just think how many times you’re out and about, and a friend mentions something they need done, and you immediately come back with the company you use, because they’ve kept in touch with you. Do you think that will increase your bottom line? You bet it will!

Need Help With Your Email Marketing

We can do it for you. We’ll set it all up, and all you have to worry about is all those unexpected clients and customers spending money at your business after the email goes out. Contact Us Now to get started!

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