Get New Dental Patients With Education Based Marketing

Get New Patients By Educating Them FirstWhen people are looking for your dental services, they are first seeking information. They will not call your practice the first time they come to your website. Your job is to provide education-based content to help them make an informed decision as to why they should call you and not your competitors.

Many procedures dentists provide are not impulse purchases. Do you think someone looking for dental implants, who is going to spend $10,000 or more, will make a decision within minutes of getting to your site? No way! You’re only chance to get that phone call is to provide valuable content FIRST… so they can consume it, and come to the realization you are the authority for implants.

I see too many dental websites that are what I call “brochure” sites that provide information on the practice, and not what you can do for them. These types of websites are both ineffective, and will not rank well in google, so you might as well not even have it at that point.

Sample Content

There are many types of content that can benefit your visitor. You can post FAQ articles, that not only help them learn more, but save your staff time in answering these questions on the phone.

You can break down procedures like veneers in to steps to achieve that beautiful smile. This could be 4-6 articles that google will suck up and rank you for. That’s what google wants anyways!

They want to know when someone arrives at your website, they are taken to good information that keeps them on your site longer. This, in googles eyes is called a “sticky” website that maintains a high level of interest to your visitor.



The popularity of online videos is exploding. With youtube being the second biggest search engine, it only makes sense to provide video content so people can watch instead of read. Many studies have recently come out stating web visitors would much rather watch a 3 minute, informative video, than read a 500 word article.

Since google now owns youtube, they are starting to rank videos on the first page of google, so if you optimize your videos, you can get a ton of new traffic to your videos.



Blogs are a great way to add fresh, unique content to your dental website on a consistent basis. If you have a content marketing strategy, it will serve you in many ways. Get ranked for long-tail keywords that can bring warm dental prospects into your practice.



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