Growing Your Dental Business With Dr Kianor Shah

Growing Your Dental Business With Dr Kianor Shah

This was a high-energy podcast. We talked about the business of dentistry, specifically what it takes to not only grow your dental business but thrive.

Today’s guest is Dr Kianor Shah.

Kianor is a practicing Dentist and an Entrepreneur from Palm Desert, California. As a
traveling healthcare provider, Dr. Shah has practiced in more than 300 offices. As a businessman, Dr. Shah has built numerous co-brand, private label, and Peer-to-Peer partnerships in the Healthcare Industry.

Dr. Shah reads, writes, and speaks English, German, and the Farsi languages. Dr. Shah enjoys world travel, public speaking, studying and researching historical events, and participating in sports including soccer, table tennis, and fitness.

Here is what we talked about on the show:

You are a dentist clinically, and a business owner for your family.

Marketing is a must if you want to thrive, grow and be competitive in your city.

What types of marketing?

  • Digital (SEO, google ads, facebook ads, social media)
  • Direct Mail (postcards)
  • Local Print (magazines, papers, etc.)
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Community

Know your numbers:

  • How much to invest in marketing
  • Cost per dental lead
  • Cost to acquire a new patient
  • Lifetime value of a patient
  • Buyers journey – Followup is critical

Consistency wins (minimum 3-6 months per marketing strategy)

Website: Kianor Shah
Website: Top 100 Doctors In Dentistry
Dr Shah’s personal email:
Contact Number: 618-917-5805

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