Dentists Are Losing New Patients Daily

Receptionist At Dental Office

This could be your front desk person talking to a dental prospect. Lets hope not.

When we have our initial “exploratory call” with a dentist, we ask a lot of critical questions about their practice, to see what “leaks” are in their marketing, both internally, as well as externally.

Call Tracking

One of the most important questions is if you are tracking your results (or lack of results)?

If you are spending a dime on marketing for your practice, it’s imperative you have some type of tracking in place to see what your marketing dollars are getting you.

With all of our clients, we implement a very comprehensive call tracking system, that accomplishes several different goals within your dental practice.

1. First off, we can show on a monthly basis how many calls (leads) we’ve gotten you.

2. Secondly, these calls are recorded, so we can go over any call together to see if there can be improvement with your front office person.

3. Thirdly, we can show you with 100% accuracy where the source of the call originated, whether it be google organic, google maps, google ads, facebook, and even youtube.

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