How Is Your Dental Website Performing?

Dental Website Is Not Getting New PatientsWe have been asked by hundreds of dentists to analyze their websites, and what we see 99% of the time, is poor-performing dental websites that are just wasting away on the internet.

Unfortunately, many dentists have spent up to $10,000 for a website that is doing nothing to attract new patients to their practice. We’ve seen this time-and-time again. This is disheartening to both the dentist and to us, as we know the financial, emotional and time commitment is enormous.


What The Goal Of Your Dental Website?

Often times, many practice owners don’t even have any goals for their website. Without goals, you cannot track, analyze, compare and then alter your website for higher conversions.

The number one goal for most business owners, including dentists is to get people to pick up the phone and call your practice. Are you making it easy for them to do this? You may think so, but when you take a deeper look at your website design and more important usability, you will sadly discover that you are in fact making it hard for a website visitor to contact you.

When this is the case, you will have a very expensive asset (your website) that is performing poorly, and will not ever give you the ROI that it should.


Are You Educating Your Visitor?

People that get on the internet are usually in research mode. Are you giving them what they want in regards to educative content that helps them make an informed decision (hopefully to call your practice)?

Too often, we see dental websites that are all about the dentist, staff, office and credentials, which I’m here to tell you is not the most important item in the minds of your visitors.

They want to know if you can help them with their dental issue. This takes trust with valuable content in the form of articles (blog posts), videos and even FREE white papers to give them the knowledge about the particular problem they are looking to solve.


Do They Know Your Location?



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