Is Your Dental Website Losing You New Patients?

We have analyzed over 2500 dental websites and keep finding glaring issues over and over again, and many of these websites were created by the big dental marketing companies out there. You’ll know who I’m referring to so I don’t need to mention them in this article

The #1 Goal Of Your Dental Website

Any business website, but for sure a dental website really has one goal. That’s to get a new website visitor to take action and call your office. A close second would be a form fill. Where they fill out the form on your website A call for obvious reasons is much better as they are a very interested (warm) lead.

What we see with most websites for dentists is a non-branded, cookie-cutter website that is not built for conversions nor even for google. This is a double whammy and one that can be painful for you, as you’ve invested thousands of dollars in your new dental website.

To achieve this main goal of your website, you need to make it super simple for anyone to take action. What does this mean? People want information very quickly on the internet. If you don’t give it to them, they are gone forever. The information most people want when researching a service like dentistry is your location, hours, phone number and reviews for starters.

Dental Branding On Your Website

As mentioned above, the majority of the time we review a dental website we come across a cookie-cutter, stock looking website. What do I mean by this? The images are not of you, your team or any of your patients. They are stock images seen all over the internet. Having a dental website like this does not set your practice apart from any of your local competitors. Why should someone hire you as their dentist if all they see on your website is non-branded imagery and duplicate, bland content?

When people are researching for a new dentist, they want to get a feel for your office. Don’t hide behind your website.They want to see the dentist who will be inside their mouth. They want to see the front desk person, the dental assistant, the hygienist. They want to see you are a fun, warm, compassionate team. If you can set up your website to accomplish this (contact us if you want us to improve your website)

Use Video To Improve Your Conversions

I’m still surprised every time my team or I review a dental website and no video is anywhere on the website. It is critical you realize video content is the most engaging content on a website (and the internet for that matter). Video allows your website visitor to get to know you intimately than an image or words on a page can ever do.

There are several types of videos you can do. First one is a welcome video from you the dentist right on your homepage. Just a 30-second video where a web visitor can see you and get a feel for your compassion and empathy. The next kind of video is an informational video where you talk about a specific topic like veneers. This should only be 60-90 seconds and just talk about the results they will get from the procedure. Don’t get into technical stuff. Another video is the patient testimonial. This video is a powerful marketing strategy as people can see a happy patient talking about their experience in your practice and the results they got. This video marketing strategy alone can change the scope of your new patient revenues rapidly.

Take The Next Step

We’ve helped dozens of dentists transition from their current website company to a high-converting, custom dental website that you can be proud of. Let’s jump on a call to discuss how we can help you become the dental authority in your area.

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