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Running or owning a dental support organization (DSO), and trying to be smart with your marketing dollars can be a very challenging task. I have spoken to several DSOs lately, and many of them are struggling between using google adwords or SEO to get more phone calls to their dental practices.

Playing the adwords game can be very expensive. In the thousands of dollars per month for each of your locations. Statistics show that only 10% of web traffic is from adwords, meaning you are leaving 90% of organic traffic on the table. It’s time to change your approach!

Adwords may bring a quicker burst of phone calls, but in my opinion, long-term, SEO is a wise investment in your dental service organization. How many times have you done a search, skipped the ads, and went down to the organic section of google? If you’re like most google searchers, most of the time.

Learn How Your Future Patient Uses Google

It important you put yourself in the mind of the consumer. The individual who has a specific need and desire. When you do that, you’ll soon realize people are more sophisticated in how they use google. They no longer type in general phrases. They know if they put a more specific phrase, they will get their desired result quicker.

People don’t want to waste their valuable time. They want to find what they are looking for fast!

What does this mean for your DSO?

You must take a different approach to your new patient marketing. Organic SEO can bring in more combined traffic to all your locations, at a much lesser cost than adwords.

Buyer Intent Dental SEO Is The New Way

Buyer Intent Dental Keywords For Dental Service Organizations
We have taken dental SEO and turned it upside down. We reverse-engineered it. We felt it was broken. We knew there was a more effective method. We spent months doing our research using many google tools to refine our new method.

As I mentioned earlier, people are more sophisticated now. Some may still type in city dentist, but people with specific needs will type in something like “cost of Invisalign city”. We have coined these terms as ‘buyer intent’ dental keyword phrases.

Through our extensive research we have determined over 500 ‘buyer intent’ dental keyword phrases. This is referred to as our Phase 1 SEO. We also have created add-ons, which we refer to as clusters. For example we have an Invisalign cluster that has over 600 phrases. An Ortho with 800. Wisdom Teeth 800. And several others. Many SEO companies would argue we are just doing “long tail” SEO. And they’d say these phrases are not typed in very often so there would not be a traffic boost to your locations.

If you look at the graphic image higher up this page, you’ll see we are going for the sum aggregate. Meaning there is the previously mentioned 90% of organic traffic we are ranking our clients for. Based on research done on the long tail, this sum aggregate is much higher total search volume, than the primary keywords, since there are only a few dozen in dental seo.

If you go from left to right, you’ll see that high curve showing the search phrase “city dentist”. So yes, the volume is more for that one phrase, but look at how that graph curves after that. We are ranking for that entire section, which is much greater.

Ranking High For Multiple Locations

The challenge with many SEO companies is producing high rankings for many locations. We have seen DSOs that rank for some locations, but not all of them, and definitely not for hundreds of keyword phrases.

Our robust SEO method has produced results for all our clients in all locations! And we can prove it with our extensive ranking reports.

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