Effective Digital Marketing For Dentists

In today’s business atmosphere, if you do not advertise or have some sort of online presence, you will have a difficult time attracting new patients. This is as true for Fortune 500 companies as it is for a local dentist.

As much as advertising for a dentist has long been considered taboo, this is a notion that is dead and gone. Even people who have been referred by trustworthy family members will still go online and look-up the suggested dentist online. The kind of website and reviews they find there will determine just whether or not they give you their business.

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Dentistry Is More Competitive Than Ever

As a dentist, you have to compete on two fronts. Front one is against the big dental companies that have millions of dollars to effectively market their services within the same city. Front two is against the small business dental practices that have since learned the importance of digital marketing and have employed excellent online marketing techniques that attract and convert customers.

Almost everywhere you go, you will find that there are already a few established dental practices. If you want to capture any market, you simply must put yourself out there and increase your brand awareness activities.

A study conducted by the American Dental Association found that there are between 60-80 dentists for every 100,000 people in major cities. This kind of competition calls for ingenuity on your part. Without strategic digital marketing campaigns that include SEO, excellent website design and outstanding use experience, you may not gain as much as of the market as is needed.

Digital Marketing Attracts More Patients

For a dental practice, digital marketing encompasses many aspects of the subject. To start with the most critical, you should take a good look at your website. This is the frontier as far as online marketing is concerned.

How effective is your website? Does it bring in as many visitors who go on to come on as patients? How many calls do you get from your website every single month? Are you tracking these calls and do you know if your patients are finding you through your website or not?

The truth is that most dentists haven’t thought that deeply about these critical factors. Many practices still have outdated websites with stale copy that only goes towards repelling their potential customers as opposed to attracting them.

Get Found Online With SEO That Works

After you have gone through all the trouble of redesigning your website and updating your copy, you need your potential patients to find you. One effective way to do this is by improving your ranking on Google through excellent search engine optimization practices.

The most successful dental practices are spending money to hire SEO companies that are helping them realize up to 10 or 40 new patients every month through online search alone. By hiring an effective SEO company (we need to talk), you can rest easy knowing that every time someone looks up the best dental practice in your local area, your brand will come up. This is especially effective with new families that move into your area. These people are going to completely depend on Google to tell them who the best dentist around is in their new location. This is where you want your brand to shine and your digital marketing efforts to lead them right to you.

Online Marketing Goes Beyond SEO

A credible and proven online marketing company will give you the advantage of learning and implementing other effective digital marketing strategies such as video marketing, content marketing, Facebook and PPC (google and bing ads).

By hiring a professional marketing company that specializes in dental, you will essentially be acquiring a marketing partner who will help your practice thrive for years to come.

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