Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Professional for SEO & Website Design is Important for Modern Dentists

Just a few decades ago, advertising your services as a dentist was not acceptable. But then the digital era set in and came with it the advent of now dinosaur called the Yellow Pages.

Today, whether from referrals or discovering a dentist by themselves, most people looking will surf the Internet for a credible, trusted doctor, visit their websites and read patient reviews.

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Today’s Dentistry Market is Very Competitive

There seems to be at least one dentist on every residential block you pass through in a city nowadays. Indeed, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), there are on average 60 to 80 (or even 100) dentists for every 100,000 people in a single American city.

With such sheer numbers, most dentists are now realizing the need for digital marketing, with strategies such as a high-converting custom-made dental website and search engine optimization (SEO). And since smaller dentistry practices are being locked out of competition by larger corporates spending big money in their marketing campaigns, more strategic digital marketing approaches are necessary.

Digital Marketing for Dentists

While digital marketing can entail various effective strategies, your marketing budget also matters a lot. Most small businesses running successful advertising campaigns today spend 3-5% of gross revenues on marketing.

Making use of regular call-tracking to know the number of calls your site and online searches are producing is one good marketing strategy. Make sure your website remains updated always, and brand it to attract visitors and convert them into your patients rather than repel them to your nearest competitor!

Be Available When People Are Searching for their Most Pertinent Dental Issues

Having a modern, high-converting and up-to-date dental website is the first step, but then you also need to ensure that people can actually find you when they Google-search for dentists. Imagine being in the middle of the Arizona desert with your pretty dental site and practice yet no one can find you because they don’t know that you actually exist!

Although implementing SEO is quite effective as an online marketing strategy, unfortunately there are dentists who’ve suffered in the hands of scams in the name of SEO expert agencies. We get such complaints from our dentist customers almost on a daily basis, something very disheartening to hear.

But now we’re here to ensure that you get once and for all the kind of online marketing results you’ve always desired for your dental practice! Invest in the services of our dental SEO company today so that we can help you move to the top of organic and maps rankings at the most affordable prices in the market today! We can help you get 10, 20 or even 40 new patients every month!

Other Digital Advertising Methods

In addition to having a high-converting dental website and implementing SEO, other marketing strategies include social media (Facebook) advertising, content & video marketing and pay-per-click (PPC).

Bringing a reputed digital marketing company specializing in working with dentists like ours is essential to the success of your dental practice. We don’t ever want you to consider us a vendor — we want to be a marketing partner/advisor in your practice many years to come!

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