Why Every Dentist Needs Digital Marketing

The vast majority of people looking for a new dentist will search online first. In fact, according to one Search Engine Journal survey 85% of consumers use the internet when trying to find local goods and services.

Even if someone has received a reference for a dental practice from a friend, family member or co-worker, they will still look online to check their website and read reviews.

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Why Dentists Need To Stand Out From The Competition

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics there’re are 146,800 dentists in the United States. That’s a huge amount of competition for any dental practice. In large cities the competition for patients can be even more fierce. Marketing is essential for any dentist and online is the best platform for doing it.

How Dentists Can Use Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves a range of strategies and tactics, but all of them have fundamentally the same aim. This is to increase the number of people who are interested in dental services to visit your website and to convert these into clients for your dental practice.

Converting a greater number of people who come to your website into clients can be achieved in a number of different ways. One of the most important first steps is to track who is coming to your website and what they are doing when they come there. Once you have this data you can make improvements to your website to increase the number of people who turn into patients. This process is known as conversion optimization.

It is also important to make sure that your website has an attractive, modern design to correctly brand your clinic. Many dental websites are out of date, which in turn reflects poorly on the business itself. Best website design practices also make sure that patients can find the information that they need as easily as possible.

Making Sure People Can Find You

When people look online you want to make sure that your dental clinic is found. The search results for the dentist industry is extremely competitive these days. The first three results in Google receive on average 61% of all the people searching for a search term. Websites that appear on page 2 or afterwards receive only 10% of all clicks. If you want people to find your dental clinic online you need to feature prominently in the search engine results.

Dentists in general realize that the need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) if they want to outrank their competition. Achieving good results isn’t something that can be achieved part time and so requires an agency as a partner. This is investment which can offer a fantastic return. A well ranked website can easily bring in dozens of new patients each month.

A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your website for conversion and ranking well in the search engines is only one element to a successful digital marketing strategy. Social media marketing, video marketing and online paid advertising can augment SEO, to attract even more clients.

Succeeding with online marketing starts by finding a partner you can trust. The right digital marketing agency will work with you to achieve sustainable, long term results to grow your dental practice.

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