Discover Why Your Homepage Is Not Converting And How To Fix It

We review and analyze over a dozen dental websites every week, and of those, approximately 70% of them are using a slider image in the first fold of their homepage.

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I’m going to explain why you should eliminate this so-called feature (slider image), and how it will help with your website conversions (calls to your practice).

First Fold

We refer to the first fold of your web page is the section  you see without scrolling. Think of it like your “foot-in-the-door” section. It should convey the what they will get from you, as well as entice them to take action (call or fill out a form).

This is the most important real estate on your entire dental website!

In less than 5 seconds when landing on your homepage, they should be able to see what they can expect; know where you are located; and be able to contact you (again call or fill out form).

Gone are the days of people spending an hour on the internet. Especially in dentistry. People visiting your website want to know if you can give them a beautiful smile (or get them out of pain)… and be able to contact you easily. That’s it!

The only other thing they might do before they call you is check out your work (before and after imags);  as well are your reviews online.

Is It An Ad?

You would be surprised but numerous conversion studies have come out regarding what is called “banner blindness”. What this means is people are so used to seeing banner ads on websites, that unfortunately, slider images get treated the same as a banner ad. People don’t see them, or ignore them on purpose.

Ruins Mobile Experience

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but the majority of slider images do not show on mobile devices, so when people come to your website via mobile search, they will think it is broken and move on to one of your competitors.

Also, these big images dramatically slow down the loading of your website on mobile devices, therefore another reason for them to get frustrated and leave.

79 percent of mobile phone owners and 81 percent of tablet owners used those devices for local searches. –

Bad For SEO

So as previously mentioned, slow load times is a ranking factor with google, and obviously a high percentage of visitors will leave within seconds, which is called a high “bounce rate”. Google does not reward websites with high bounce rates, so that is yet another reason to remove your slider images, or don’t even consider them if you redesigning your website.

Here’s The Fix

A static image that is relevant to dentistry is better for the user, and better for SEO!

When you can be consistent across all devices, people get use to your message. If you have a good message along with a static image, you will see much higher conversions (calls and form fill-ins).

A static image loads much faster, so again the user experience is greater, and the likelihood of them hanging around a bit longer to consume your dental contest is high.

Important: Do NOT use a landscape image. Like a beautiful picture of your area. This will confuse your visitor and prompt them to leave.

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