High-Converting Content For Your Dental Website

Learn How The Words On Your Website Will Get Your visitors To Take Action Time And Time Again To Quickly Grow Your Revenues

How are the pages on your dental website converting?

Are people picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment?

This is the ONLY reason for your website. To attract new patients.

Of course providing valuable content to inform and educate your visitor to make a wise decision to call you is nearly as important as the call.

People Make Decisions On Emotion

Unfortunately going to the dentist is not high on most peoples list. But…many people have emotional desires, as well as urgent needs to go to a dentist now.

Knowing this you’ve got to make sure the words on every page of your dental website grab them at the very beginning on an emotional level. Let them know they’ve come to the right place. Not with “we” type of content, but empathetic, understanding and “YOU” content. Talk to them about their needs not about you and your practice.

Does Your Content Convert?

This is critical to attracting new patients from the Internet. Do the words on your webpages get people to take action?

That is the sole reason for web copy. Writing copy that converts is an art. You need someone who has both a writing and marketing background to produce the best content for each of your webpages.

Did you know one of the most important pages on your website is your About page?

How about your homepage?

Does it start out with the standard “Welcome” that every other dental website has on it?

These are what we call wasted words. You only want words that provide value to the visitor and gets them to take action.

This is all about what we refer to as Content Marketing. Producing pages on your website that convert!

Does Your Dental Website Have Duplicate Content?

You may or may not be aware, but if you hired a dental marketing firm who said they will provide the content for your website, it may be what we refer to as duplicate dental content.

What this means is you may have content that is also on thousands of other dental websites and google will penalize you for it. Just imagine have the exact same words as thousands of other dental sites. That’s not a good thing!

Our Content Marketing Services

We will review your website to locate “weak” content (service) pages. We will then submit our recommendations to what is needed to maximize your website conversion (attract new patients). Then our team of high-level, dental content writers will come up with an editorial calendar, so we can stay laser-focused on your practice’s objectives.

One we go over it with you, so you have a clear understanding of the scope of the project, our skilled teams of dental writers get to researching the best possible angles for high-converting copy, that we know google will love, and reward you with higher rankings.

Each piece of content we produce is optimized for both google and the visitor. Our goal is to get the visitor to see our strategically placed calls to action throughout the content piece; pick up the phone; and call your practice. We will also promote it on all your social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for maximum exposure, and those strong “social signals” for google to see.

Uniquely Written Content For Your Dental Website

We will write content (pages) for all your services like “teeth whitening”, “Invisalign”, “Cosmetic Dentistry”, “Adult Braces”, as well as produce regularly scheduled content to add to your website (blog) to keep it fresh and full of valuable information to help visitors make an informed decision to contact your office.

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