Investment And Retirement Strategies For Dentists During Disruptive Times

investment and retirement strategies for dentists

Today’s guest is going to talk about a very hot and important topic for you dentists close to retiring or focusing on your retirement and investment plan.

Dennis Snoozy is the founder of SNP Financial Advisors.

Dennis has had many roles in the investment industry.  He has been a financial advisor, and also has worked as an executive at a Wall Street investment company.

This gives him a unique perspective in understanding where most financial advisors may be missing critical changes to how you need to plan and stay ahead of the technological disruption we are in. This in turn will help guide the growth of your investments in preparing for retirement.

Topics We Covered:

  • How do you see technology changing the world?
  • How will this impact your investments.
  • Is there any technological disruptions in the investment world that may affect a dentists retirement?
  • How are you using this and how do you see people using this?

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Website: SNP Financial Advisors

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