Top Cosmetic Dentist Shares How He Got To Over $2.4 Million In Revenues

Your Dental Success podcast with Dr David Eshom of San DiegoDr David Eshom, a top cosmetic and Invisalign dentist in San Diego shares his insights in todays Your Dental Success podcast, on how he built a $2.4 million dollar fee-for-service practice.

As you may or may not know, San Diego is a very competitive, saturated market for dentists. To be successful in that market David has done a lot of things right, and he shares some of his strategies in this episode.

We hope you get some good takeaways, and can implement them in your practice right away, to grow your revenues. That is the main goal of our podcast.

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Here was what we discussed in todays Your Dental Success podcast:

  • When we talk about digital marketing to attract new patients it starts with your website. Can you give our listeners your take on the role of a dental website.
  • What one thing do you think you’ve improved on the most to attract your ideal patients?
  • How important do you think video marketing will be to the success of your practice moving forward? And have you gotten results from it?
  • You are one of the most successful cosmetic dentists in San Diego. What can you tell our listeners that helped you achieve this impressive accomplishment?
  • You know I’m a big believer in uniquely written, in-depth content. Can you tell me as a dentist what you’ve learned about content marketing and how it can help other dentists grow their practice from the Internet?
  • Last question. What percent of your focus moving forward will digital marketing be to take your revenues to over $3 million and beyond?

You can contact David through his website at, and his email at dr.e [a]




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