325 New Patients A Month Without Marketing

Dr. Damon Thompson Attracts 325 new Patients A Month

On today’s podcast we have a very successful dentist based out of Blacksburg Virginia.

He’s got a great story to share and you’ll come away with some good nuggets for sure.

Dr. Damon Thompson is happily married and father to 5 sons in his hometown of Blacksburg, VA. He is a 1996 graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry and served in the US NAVY after graduation. He is the Founder and CEO of Real Life Dental and Real Life Smiles (ortho practice), employing well over 60 amazing people.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • My journey from dental school to the present…the road traveled, the experience gained, the patience required, the payoff later.
  • Not so secret “secrets” to success (patient experience being primary).
  • Role of mentorship for today’s young dentists–they desire it…so they will pursue it. Our vision to help the 0-10 year old (out of school) dentist through direct and indirect mentorship.
  • Surviving COVID and pivoting into future.

Website: Real Life Dental

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