How Professional SEO And Web Design Specialists Can Help Orthodontists Get More Patients

Orthodontics is one of the most expensive branches of dentistry. At an average of $5,000 revenue per patient, it makes sense for orthodontists to invest in online marketing and SEO, in order to attract more leads and increase their local market share.

However, most orthodontists hire general marketing agencies or consultants without any knowledge of orthodontics and without any insights on the behavior of the consumers. This is why most of them have a hard time acquiring new leads and turning them into loyal customers.

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Moms Are The Core Target Market For Your Orthodontic Practice

The wealth of experience we’ve accumulated in our cooperation with orthodontists guides us to believe that mothers are one of the main demographics you should target in your online marketing endeavors. Mothers want to inform themselves thoroughly, as they want to make sure they decide what’s best for their children. They are willing to invest way more time in online research than any other demographic segment.

In our experience, most mothers seeking for such information would take time to check out online reviews and top ranking orthodontists resources. They would also pick two or three such practitioners to set up consultations with them. This is quite a lot of work, and these women are willing to do it. We are aware of it, so we need to stress one more time the importance of working with a company that specializes in Orthodontics or dentists, rather than hiring a general online marketing agency.

Mothers are very severe judges of such websites. They want to see a frequently updated and modern looking resource. They are able to spot a good website within the first five seconds after landing on a page. Next, they will want to click on your About page, in order to learn about the experience, skills and work background of the orthodontist. They want to see for how long you’ve been practicing and if you are concerned with continuing medical education. In addition, they want to know what is the human quality of your staff. If they are going to treat her child, they’d better be good and well-behaved.

How effective is your web design in showcasing your brand, your core values and your mission? We’ve developed a few well thought web designs featuring seamless integration of a brand and of the main elements of a practice into a modern and fresh layout. A mother visiting such a resource is going to see from the first glance she has to deal with a unique website and a professional practice. This approach is way more effective that a generic ortho site, without any personality or branding.

Location Matters Immensely

As most mothers are extremely busy, they would avoid having to drive for a long time for orthodontic appointments. As this is a recurring commitment they have to make, they would rather try to find someone in their neighborhood. Nonetheless, if she’s convinced that you are the best solution for her child, a mother is going to drive to your office, even if she has to spend one hour in the car once a month. This is your chance to seek for clients a bit further than general dentists.

Speaking of location, you should mention it clearly on your website, so that mothers can see how far you are from their home. This is very easy to achieve by placing your address, your contact details and a map with directions in the sidebar of all your pages. You may also place this information in the footer, if your pages don’t have a sidebar. Anyway, the main point is that your search engine visitors may land on different pages, so you have to make sure they are all going to see this important information bit.

Improve Your Online Visibility Through SEO

Now that you’ve managed to update your website and bring it to the modern standards of web design, you have to put it in front of as many eyeballs as possible. You need to be found by people searching for this kind of information in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for that matter.

By hiring an orthodontic-specific SEO company to help you achieve top rankings, you are going to enjoy a huge competitive edge. These firms know the buyer intent, hence being able to identify the most lucrative keywords you should target with your website. Whether your core target consumers are seeking for Invisalign or for traditional orthodontic treatments, you’re going to be able to attract and convert them right from a simple Google search.

Whatever the treatments you intend to offer, you can calculate the ROI per patient, so you can figure out what kind of expenditure you can afford in order to gain new patients and yet be profitable.

The investment in SEO for orthodontists can bring you tenfold profits, provided that you develop compelling content and you target the most lucrative keywords in your niche. You can achieve all thee by hiring an Orthodontic Marketing Specialist to take care of your online presence.

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