Cosmetic Dentist Marketing Services

Cosmetic Dental Marketing For High ROI

If you are offering cosmetic dental services, your marketing should be well thought out, as well as strategically cover all procedures in-depth, to help your web visitor make an informed decision to call your practice and schedule the procedure.

You have a huge opportunity to dramatically increase your practice revenues when you attract cosmetic cases. Smile makeovers, veneers, and crowns can be between $4,000 up to $20,000 and more for a full mouth restoration.

One of our cosmetic dental clients added $65,000 in 6 weeks with our cosmetic dental marketing strategies!

The “transaction value” is much higher with cosmetic dental work, so it is worth the investment to have a full blown marketing plan in place. The ROI is nearly instant!

We had one of our dental clients get an 8 veneer upper case within the first 2 weeks, which paid for their monthly investment 2 times over!

Strategic Content Marketing For More Cosmetic Patients

Educating your visitors on all the procedures with both video and articles is an effective approach to securing the new patient (procedure). This means connecting the content on your website to them emotionally. Cosmetic dentistry is an emotional decision for the patient. If you do not create content that touches them emotionally you’ve lost them to your nearest competitor.

Go check your website content. Does it mention “we, “us” or “our” more than a handful of times. We have seen it time-and-time again. People don’t care about you and what you do. They care about THEM and what you can do for THEM!

Video Marketing For Cosmetic Dentists Works

Video is exploding on the Internet. If you’re not utilizing video marketing in your practice, the new millennial dentists who start up next door will blow you out of the water. They are tech-savvy. They will use every piece of technology to their advantage to gain market share.

We can help you strategically out-maneuver your competitors quickly!

Having a thought out video marketing strategy will position you as the authority for cosmetic dentistry in your local area and even miles outside of it.

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