Dentists: Implement Content Marketing To Grow Your Practice

dental content writingDentists here in Scottsdale (and across the country) have a huge opportunity to build their practice; increase brand awareness; grow patient loyalty; and become the authority, by implementing a content marketing strategy.

The purpose of having a website is to first get traffic, second convert that traffic into calls, and lastly, build authority in your area, which in return build trust, and a loyal following.

Google Loves Content

Google being a search engine loves content. But the kind of content they love is unique (written by you) information that is of high value to your readers. This can be in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and images.

Unfortunately, most dentists are too busy with their practice to have the time to write content like this as it can be time-consuming to say the least. This is one of the big challenges I have with my dental consulting clients.

Authority Dental Content

The beauty of content on your website is the ability to showcase your expertise in your trade. The opportunity is endless, as a dentist you have dozens of procedures you perform, and some produce significant revenues for your practice.

Dental content that is in-depth, will help you rank your service pages much higher, therefore bringing you more specific patients who are searching with a specific need.

We also refer to it as secondary dental keywords, where you create long-form content that covers each procedure as indepth as possible.

For example Invisalign. The majority of dentists are now offering Invisalign. It can bring your practice thousands of dollars in revenue per patient. But to rank high in google for this service in your city, you must produce content that is better than any of your competitors. This means creating an Invisalign page that is 1,000 words of no-fluff content that covers everything a visitor would want to know to make an informed decision.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Unfortunately what I see with the majority of dental websites is what we refer to as duplicate content. This is where a dental marketing company will provide you with content for your website. As a busy dentist, this sounds wonderful, but what you don’t know is these big dental marketing companies put the same (cookie-cutter) content on all their client websites.

Google hates duplicate content

We did a quick check for a new dental client to see if a service page they had was duplicate. We found it there were 9, 234 occurrences of that exact content across the web. This was a huge dental marketing company doing this, so you can imagine the ripple affect this has on so many dental practices.

Please…don’t fall in this trap, because you are too busy to deal with it.

This is why we have our own dental content marketing service. We are pros at this! We produce uniquely written (not copied anywhere on the Internet) webpage content that is both valuable to the visitor, and google compliant to current best practices.

We implement a strategy to draw the visitor into the content and to pick up the phone and call your practice.

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