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“When I hired Mike Pedersen of The Dental Boost, I didn’t know if my site was working. Apparently it wasn’t because after talking and instituting Mikes ideas my site has zoomed in the rankings and best of all I’m getting more calls. How do I know? Mike sets up tracking and analytics with almost everything he does. I feel comfortable know what I’m paying for is returning 5-10 times what it generates in production. My advice- listen to MIKE!!!” – DE, San Diego Dentist


“I recently acquired a dental practice and needed help in creating an immersive and informative web page to drive patient interest. I reached out to Mike and his team at The Dental Boost, and they have proven to be a fantastic resource. Not only did they design a web page that was beyond what I had envisioned, but they also enabled me to make changes and be as involved as I desired. To anyone looking for a knowledgeable and quality resource in web design and SEO do yourself a favor and talk to Mike and his team at AZ Net Marketing.” – MJ, Tucson Dentist


“I am so thankful I got away from [previous company]

Unfortunately my new website/SEO management company, The Dental Boost, found they had a lot cut out for them. I was told 3 months ago that because there were so many infractions to Google’s rules…that there was a 50% chance of Google NEVER recognizing my URL nor website again (no matter if clean). That would mean I would have to dump my URL, my brand, and start over. That would cost tens of thousands. I was sick at the thought.

So Mike Pedersen at The Dental Boost cleaned up ALL of the bad links and “disavowed” the website to Google. We have had to wait 6 weeks to see if the rankings start to improve and would then know that Google accepted our “I’m sorry..we didn’t know plea”.

My Rankings are improving and Google is recognizing my website. Now I can rest easy that I am not having to rebrand. The thought of having to start litigation with Crawford & Obrien for what they did turned my stomach as I am not that personality for litigation. But if I had to spend money to rebrand…then they would have to help me correct what they did wrong.

Mike Pedersen is the first website/SEO company that has been completely transparent and up front. He is a delight to work with and has been known to contact me/send emails at the early morning/ late night hours. Even Weekends. He even sent me an audio recording of him giving me updates so that his voice intonations would get the point across correctly as sometimes written words/emails can be construed different ways. He definitely knows his stuff! – JF, Virginia Dentist

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