What You Need To Know When You’re Buying A Dental Practice

Guardian Due Diligence - Elliott Holland

Today’s guest is going to talk about the importance of having a credible due diligence professional (many times not your CPA) look over all the numbers when you’re looking to purchase a dental practice.

In working with dentists for over 10 years now, I’ve experienced firsthand countless dentists who bought a practice, but what they ended up getting did not match up to what was presented to them on paper. This put many of them in a bad spot right from the getgo, and with a big loan to start paying on right away.

With that being said, I’m very excited to have today’s guest on the show, as he specializes in helping entrepreneurs and business buyers like dentists get the best possible outcome with their purchase. Many times after doing the work, he will tell his clients this is not the purchase to make, which saved his clients the emotional and financial pain of a bad decision.

Elliott Holland, is the founder of Guardian Due Diligence and is a business buying expert.

He has a Harvard MBA, spent 10 years buying companies for himself and others, and now prevents his clients from losing millions buying bad businesses.

Elliott welcome to the show.

Topics We Covered:

  • How to creatively structure a dental practice acquisition so that you don’t have to put down any cash
  • How much due diligence is enough?
  • What is your craziest healthcare related due diligence war story

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