How To Differentiate Your Dental Practice With Bonnie Hixson

Bonnie Hixson - Founder and Publisher of The Progressive Dentist Magazine, and the ProPracticeBonnie Hixon is the Founder and Publisher of The Progressive Dentist Magazine

Bonnie is dedicated to helping strong clinicians and dental professionals build successful businesses where the best dental care can be delivered. As the founder and publisher of The Progressive Dentist magazine, facilitator of the ProDentist MasterMind Network and the new ProPractice online learning center, she works closely with many of the most knowledgeable and respected dental and business experts to bring their messages to dental practices throughout the US and Canada.

She thrives on helping dental teams to define their purpose, enhance the overall patient experience, improve practice profitability and live a life they love.

In today, show she talks about:

  • How to differentiate your dental practice.
  • Community engagement
  • 2018 Progressive Dentist CoverDoc Search that’s just begun!
  • Launching her online ProPractice

Business Website: The Progressive Dentist Magazine
Facebook: Bonnie On Facebook


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