American Dentists Are Throwing New Patients Out The Window

Dentist Losing New Patients

I receive around a dozen calls (inquiries) per week from dentists who want more patients. Like any business, attracting and retaining new customers (patients) is critical to the survival of your business. Unfortunately, here in the United States, dentists are throwing (turning) away and losing new patients by the truckload. You may be wondering why … Continue reading “American Dentists Are Throwing New Patients Out The Window”

Reasons Why Your Dental Website May Need A Redesign

Do You Need A Dental Website Redesign? I speak to dentists every week who are not happy with the results of their dental website. They don’t know why it’s not performing, as many of them invested $5,000-$8,000 or more with a big national, dental firm who promised “amazing results”, and it just didn’t happen. Don’t … Continue reading “Reasons Why Your Dental Website May Need A Redesign”

Optimize Images For Your Dental Website

Dental Images And Search Engine Optimization Rankings We get a lot of dentists contacting us wondering why they are not getting anything from their websites. They are disappointed with their poor rankings in google, and they are just not getting any traffic or phone calls. This is a common call we take on a weekly … Continue reading “Optimize Images For Your Dental Website”

Does Internet Marketing For Your Dental Practice Overwhelm You?

Look at all the Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies in the below image. This is just a few of them you should be implementing to get more patients for your dental practice. Like a lot of dentists we speak to, it can be overwhelming to stay up on all the internet marketing strategies that are … Continue reading “Does Internet Marketing For Your Dental Practice Overwhelm You?”

Not Getting New Patients From The Internet?

We are getting inundated with calls and emails from dental practices all over the country that are not getting new patients from the internet. Have you hired an SEO company that promised first page results and more patients but it just didn’t happen? We hear the same story over and over again. It’s unfortunate this … Continue reading “Not Getting New Patients From The Internet?”

How To Get More Dental Patients With Twitter


As a dentist, I’m sure you’ve heard how important social media is in attracting more new patients. And twitter should be near the top of your list in regards to time investment. The younger demographic is exploding on twitter at the moment. You need to seize that market, and engage with them. The big issue … Continue reading “How To Get More Dental Patients With Twitter”

Do You Own Your Dental Content? Beware!

Google Authorship For Dentists

What I want to discuss in the article is Google Authorship for your dental practice. Do you put add new content on a consistent basis to your dental website? If so, is it written by you or your team, or by a marketing company? I ask… because you need to be cautious of getting content … Continue reading “Do You Own Your Dental Content? Beware!”

Orthodontists: Here’s How To Get More Patients

Successful Orthodontist

If you’re an orthodontist, you have huge potential to grow your practice via the internet, with the right marketing strategies in place. With each new patient ranging from $4500-$7,000, you can quickly add a tremendous amount of monthly and annual revenue to your practice. My son recently had braces, and it was a little longer … Continue reading “Orthodontists: Here’s How To Get More Patients”

Dentists – You Better Be On Google Plus

Google Plus For Dentists

The title was meant to wake you up if you own a dental practice and are not on google+ yet. By the end of this article, my hope is you will head on over ASAP and get set up on google plus, both with your profile AND your business listing, which is called Google+ Local. … Continue reading “Dentists – You Better Be On Google Plus”

Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dental Website


After having looked at hundreds of dental websites, I’ve come across some fatal mistakes (flaws) many of them have, and the majority of these are being produced by big, national dental marketing firms, so shame on you! When you launch your website on the internet you must have a goal you want to achieve with … Continue reading “Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dental Website”



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