Social Media: Should Dentists Jump Aboard?

(BTW, disregard the stethoscope, we know you don’t use them in your practice, but it is very hard to find a dentist image to use.) You’ve heard it and now seen the power of social media, with the IPO’s of Facebook and recently Twitter. How does this relate to you… and why do you care? … Continue reading “Social Media: Should Dentists Jump Aboard?”

Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?

Internet Marketing For Dental Practices

I speak to dozens of dentists every week, and when I ask them, “do you have a dental marketing plan or strategy?” they look at me cross-eyed, or with a blank stare. That pretty much tells me they don’t! Gotta Be On The First Page Of Google With the majority of people now getting on … Continue reading “Do You Have A Dental Marketing Plan?”

Dentists Beware…You Better Read This!

Things Dentists Must Know Before Hiring A Dental Marketing Firm

I have got to get this off my chest as I am seeing this too often to let it go unmentioned anymore. I talk with dentists daily about their marketing challenges, frustrations and desires, and there are several issues that keep coming up, that I want to inform you of so that next time you … Continue reading “Dentists Beware…You Better Read This!”

Dentists: Who Really Is Doing Your Social Media Marketing?

I had to write this post this morning, as I have seen more than enough of my share of social media for dentists that is being done by overseas firms. It’s to the point now, I’m actually embarrassed for the dentist, as this is a direct representation of your business and brand online.

Are You Marketing Your Orthodontist Practice?

Orthodontic Marketing To Attract New Patients

  ==> Click here to get your FREE Orthodontic Report!I have spoken to many orthodontists, and it’s a very lucrative profession, where investing in Orthodontic Marketing can be a huge bump to your practice revenues. With each case being between $5,000-$6,000, and a profit margin around 50%, each new patient brought in from marketing can … Continue reading “Are You Marketing Your Orthodontist Practice?”

Leverage Your Database To Grow Revenues

Early on in every discussion I have with a dentist, I ask if they have a database of current and past patients. This is a critical question, as it is a powerful and very effective strategy to grow your dental practice revenues by double digits. Here are a few strategies you can use to increase … Continue reading “Leverage Your Database To Grow Revenues”

Missed Calls Are Costing You Thousands Per Month

Our call tracking software sends you a text message for any missed call.

We have spoken to (and consulted with) dozens and dozens of dental practices in the

Interview On Top Dental Podcast – Website Design And Usability

Thriving Dentist Podcast iTunes

I’m honored and privileged to have been interviewed by Gary Takacs, who has the top dental podcast on itunes. We spent nearly an hour discussing dental website design and usability. Specifically what to have on your website to get the best ROI. It’s unfortunate, but many dentists spend thousands (and sometimes up to ten thousand) … Continue reading “Interview On Top Dental Podcast – Website Design And Usability”

How Is Your Dental Website Performing?

Dental Website Is Not Getting New Patients

We have been asked by hundreds of dentists to analyze their websites, and what we see 99% of the time, is poor-performing dental websites that are just wasting away on the internet. Unfortunately, many dentists have spent up to $10,000 for a website that is doing nothing to attract new patients to their practice. We’ve … Continue reading “How Is Your Dental Website Performing?”

Best Review Sites For Dentists

For many dentists, your reviews online can make or break your ability to attract new patients to your practice. Knowing what review sites to focus your efforts on will give you a headstart with your online reputation marketing. Unfortunately, without a strategy to gain more reviews on these different platforms, your ability to gain authority … Continue reading “Best Review Sites For Dentists”



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