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Dental Keywords: The Secret To More Patients

keywords for dental websites, seo, optimization,google rankings

As a dentist, you may have heard the term keyword, but in this article I want to show you how you can turn dental keywords into more new patients. Unfortunately, too many dental websites have abused this approach, and have gotten penalized in google, resulting in a massive drop in rankings. Once you get penalized … Continue reading “Dental Keywords: The Secret To More Patients”

Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO

Dentists: Make sure to optimize all the pictures on your website.

One huge missing link to the majority of dental websites is image optimization. I’m going to try not to get too technical, but this is important stuff, and if you really want to get more patients from the Internet you’ll want to read this entire article. One of the biggest issues I have with most … Continue reading “Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO”

Is Your Practice Website Mobile Responsive?

Google Mobile Update

Back on April 21st, google did a major update regarding mobile responsive websites. If your dental practice website is not mobile-friendly, you will now get penalized in mobile search. As google states on their own blog, this will not affect desktop or tablet search results, only mobile (phone). We’ve known for a long time that … Continue reading “Is Your Practice Website Mobile Responsive?”

Is Your Dental Practice Ranked In The Maps Section Of Google?

Google Plus Local Business Listings For Dentists In New York

One of the coveted spots to own is the “A spot” in the maps section of google. This has been shown to attract a lot of eyeballs and calls for local businesses. There is a good reason for this response by searchers in google. When you see a business listing in the maps section of … Continue reading “Is Your Dental Practice Ranked In The Maps Section Of Google?”

Do You Own Your Dental Website, Or… Just Leasing It?

Important Website Tips For Dentists

The majority of dentists I speak to do not have ownership of their practice

Dentists Are Beyond Frustrated

Receptionist At Dental Office

I’m seeing a common theme here in dentistry. I receive at least 3-4 calls per week from frustrated dentists who feel they are getting burned by their current dental marketing company. I am not writing this article to go after any specific companies, or to bash them. I want to address the ongoing concern with … Continue reading “Dentists Are Beyond Frustrated”

What Is Duplicate Content?

Dentists - Don't Use Copied Articles

This is very unfortunate, but the majority of dentists I consult with have a website littered with duplicate content. Let me first define what duplicate content is, and then how it can hurt both your rankings in google, and with your website visitors. What Is Duplicate Content? According to, “duplicate content is content which … Continue reading “What Is Duplicate Content?”

How Facebook Can Get You 20 New Patients A Month And Fast

Dentists Should Be Marketing On Facebook

Discover How To Leverage Facebook And Increase Your Practice Revenues Quickly Of all the dental practices we speak with, many have now at least grasped the importance of having a Facebook page. Many are not utilizing it properly, but I’m happy to see you have a page at a minimum. For the time-being Facebook is … Continue reading “How Facebook Can Get You 20 New Patients A Month And Fast”

Do You Really Want More Patients?

I hope the title of this article got your attention. What I want to talk about today is your WHY. I have talked to hundreds of dentists, and have posed this same question to them. The goal is to come away with your driving force in your life. We all have it, but most don’t … Continue reading “Do You Really Want More Patients?”

Discover Why Your Homepage Is Not Converting And How To Fix It

Dental Websites - Homepage Mistakes

We review and analyze over a dozen dental websites every week, and of those, approximately 70% of them are using a slider image in the first fold of their homepage. Image provided by Lead Pages I’m going to explain why you should eliminate this so-called feature (slider image), and how it will help with your … Continue reading “Discover Why Your Homepage Is Not Converting And How To Fix It”

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