Orthodontists: Educate Your Visitors To Convert More Patients

Having been a marketing professional for over 20 years, there is a huge shift in consumer behavior regarding decision making thanks to the birth of the Internet. Orthodontists looking to convert more website visitors into patients should embrace this. Knowing that traditional braces (and Invisalign) is a big investment of thousands of dollars, most people … Continue reading “Orthodontists: Educate Your Visitors To Convert More Patients”

How Important Is Your Domain Name For Your Dental Practice?

I’ve spoken to hundreds of dentists on the phone, of which I’m fortunate some of them hired my firm. One issue that comes up a lot is choosing a domain name for your dental practice. Domain names are your web address and should be branded to your business name if at all possible. Google moving … Continue reading “How Important Is Your Domain Name For Your Dental Practice?”

Video Marketing To Attract More Orthodontic Patients

As an Orthodontist, you have a huge opportunity to add massive revenues to your practice implementing video marketing. Video is exploding on the web, and most of your competitors are not taking advantage of it. Nowadays, the play button is becoming “the most compelling call-to-action on the web,” to borrow the words from business leader Andrew … Continue reading “Video Marketing To Attract More Orthodontic Patients”

Your Dental Success Podcast: Episode 1 – Website Usability

I am very excited to announce the launch of our dental marketing podcast called Your Dental Success. We are going to be providing tips and strategies to help dentists and orthodontists to grow their practice using digital marketing (SEO, content marketing, video marketing, website design and usability, etc.). We are also going to have some … Continue reading “Your Dental Success Podcast: Episode 1 – Website Usability”

Dental Content For Higher SEO Rankings

keywords for dental websites, seo, optimization,google rankings

Google is a tough beast to stay abreast of and achieve top rankings for your dental website. But content is one of the missing links to achieving those high rankings for your services like Invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, wisdom teeth removal, and more. I’m fortunate enough to have a circle of peers that … Continue reading “Dental Content For Higher SEO Rankings”

Dental SEO Update: Google 7-Pack Down To A 3-Pack

Google Local 3-pack for dentists

Google is at it again! Their recent update dropped the very popular local 7-pack down to a 3-pack. The image below shows you a search I did for ““. And look what we see! In the maps, business listings section of googles first page, you see ONLY 3 business results, not the standard 7 we’ve … Continue reading “Dental SEO Update: Google 7-Pack Down To A 3-Pack”

Does Your Dental Website Make These 5 Mistakes?

Talking Google Maps on Thriving Dentist podcast

I was fortunate enough to be featured on the Number One dental podcast on itunes recently. Gary Takacs is a top-notch, dental practice management consultant, with the most popular dental podcast called The Thriving Dentist. We discussed the Top 5 Mistakes Dental Websites Make and how you can improve them. This podcast is free, and … Continue reading “Does Your Dental Website Make These 5 Mistakes?”

Dental Keywords: The Secret To More Patients

keywords for dental websites, seo, optimization,google rankings

As a dentist, you may have heard the term keyword, but in this article I want to show you how you can turn dental keywords into more new patients. Unfortunately, too many dental websites have abused this approach, and have gotten penalized in google, resulting in a massive drop in rankings. Once you get penalized … Continue reading “Dental Keywords: The Secret To More Patients”

Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO

Dentists: Make sure to optimize all the pictures on your website.

One huge missing link to the majority of dental websites is image optimization. I’m going to try not to get too technical, but this is important stuff, and if you really want to get more patients from the Internet you’ll want to read this entire article. One of the biggest issues I have with most … Continue reading “Optimize Your Dental Images For SEO”

Is Your Practice Website Mobile Responsive?

Google Mobile Update

Back on April 21st, google did a major update regarding mobile responsive websites. If your dental practice website is not mobile-friendly, you will now get penalized in mobile search. As google states on their own blog, this will not affect desktop or tablet search results, only mobile (phone). We’ve known for a long time that … Continue reading “Is Your Practice Website Mobile Responsive?”



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