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Tips From An Orthodontic Consultant #22

Orthodontic marketing consultant Jaclyn Whiddon is the president of The Whiddon Group. A practice consultancy firm that helps orthodontist offices with branding, ad campaigns, marketing collateral, development and much more.  She started her career in orthodontics nearly 15 years ago, working in different practices in various roles. Learning Objectives: Branding. What is a brand and why … Continue reading “Tips From An Orthodontic Consultant #22”

How To Rank Your Dental Service Pages Fast And Get More Patients Right Now

In today’s article I want to show you how you can rank your service pages fast (i.e. Invisalign, dental implants, sedation dentist, emergency dentist) on your dental or orthodontic website to rank higher in Google right now. Here’s the deal… One of Google’s ranking factor is what we call bounce rate. Bounce rate is how … Continue reading “How To Rank Your Dental Service Pages Fast And Get More Patients Right Now”

The Ultimate Guide To SEO For Dentists And Orthodontists

For dentists and orthodontists, I want discuss what is effective Search Engine Optimization in 2016. Search Engine Optimization commonly referred to as SEO. I know many of you have gone down the rabbit hole before of SEO, but please read this today; because, I know you will have a better understanding of how to implement effective SEO to grow … Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide To SEO For Dentists And Orthodontists”

From Good To Great Dentistry #21

Gary Kadi is the CEO of NextLevel Practice, a dental consultancy firm. NextLevel Practice was created to implement the Complete Health Dentistry™ business model, where teams willingly embrace and implement change, patients transform and invest in their health, and doctors can follow their vision. Gary is a speaker, an author, husband and father located in … Continue reading “From Good To Great Dentistry #21”

Wealth Management Tips For Dentists #20

Reese is the FOUNDER AND CEO OF DENTIST ADVISORS, a registered investment advisory firm with an exclusive focus on dentists and specialist. Since 2003, Reese has devoted his career to helping dentists plan, invest, and retire better. He is a financial planning thought-leader in the dental industry and a popular speaker at dental conventions, continuing … Continue reading “Wealth Management Tips For Dentists #20”

Tips To Improve Your Dental Brand #19

Janice Hurley is Dentistry’s Image Expert on personal presence and professional success. With her 26 years of experience as a successful business consultant, she continues to draw on what really works to have others see you in the best light. She is an international author and speaker, interviewed and quoted in The New York Times … Continue reading “Tips To Improve Your Dental Brand #19”

Dental SEO In 2016 Episode #18

Dental Marketing Expert Mike Pedersen discusses Dental SEO in 2016. Having been in SEO for over 16 years, Mike has a high level of knowledge and has peers he connects with regularly who are considered the top SEO professionals in the country. Staying up on google current best practices is a must for a dentist who wants … Continue reading “Dental SEO In 2016 Episode #18”

Facebook Live To Engage With Your Patients #17

Jack Hadley discusses the emergence of the new Facebook Live video feature and gives dentists tips on how to effectively use it, as well as turning patients into advocates via social media. And finally, he talks about the use of email to engage with patients and how to do it with great success in your … Continue reading “Facebook Live To Engage With Your Patients #17”

Tips To Develop Your Dental Practice Philosophy #16

Andre Shirdan, talks about dental practice philosophy to stand out from the crowd and grow your revenues. Andre is an author, inspirational speaker, coach and certified trainer. He is the Creator of The CREW Process, and co-creator of the Periodontal StatCk (“Stat Check”). Today, Andre celebrates close to 30 years in dentistry and the practices … Continue reading “Tips To Develop Your Dental Practice Philosophy #16”

Using Video To Attract Bigger Dental Cases #15

Dr Lance Timmerman, talks about using video and using his own unique content on his website to attract bigger cases, and patients who have come all the way from Alaska to have him do their treatments in his Seattle dental office. Lance is a dentist in Tukwila WA just outside of Seattle. Known for his … Continue reading “Using Video To Attract Bigger Dental Cases #15”

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