Dental Marketing In Scottsdale – Use The Internet

Any business niche, including dental in Scottsdale is becoming ultra-competitive. It’s big business, with a high number of the residents wanting to look their best. So if you’re a Scottsdale cosmetic dentist how do you win over your competition? That’s the 6 million dollar question, but I can tell you in one word…INTERNET! Currently, over … Continue reading “Dental Marketing In Scottsdale – Use The Internet”

Use Video To Gain Authority And Own Your Market

I’ve spoken to many Scottsdale doctors, including cosmetic surgeons and dentists who what to gain authority in their respective niches, and yet they are not doing much to achieve this.

Mobile Marketing For Scottsdale Dentists

Check Out This Cosmetic Dentist Video For Marketing In Scottsdale The dental niche in Scottsdale has become very competitive. Dentists are now realizing the power of mobile marketing. They see it in their practices. All you have to do is look out in your waiting room. What is everybody doing? They’re on their phones. Texting, … Continue reading “Mobile Marketing For Scottsdale Dentists”

3 Ways To Grow Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you want to make more money. Whether it’s for a better lifestyle for you and your family, or…you have employees with families and you’ll feel responsible for making sure they keep their jobs with you. One of the most famous marketers of our time Jay Abraham discusses the 3 ways … Continue reading “3 Ways To Grow Your Business”

Does Your Website Have A Purpose?

There is only one (maybe two) real reason(s) to have a website for your local business. First for people to find you when they search on keywords that match your services; and secondly to be encouraged to call you and complete a transaction, which we refer to as a “direct response” website. Anything else is … Continue reading “Does Your Website Have A Purpose?”

Optimize Local Maps To Get Found

As a local business here in Arizona, you must now realize over 50% (I think even more) of the people looking for local products and services have thrown away their yellow page book in replacement for the convenience of searching online. What’s that mean for a business that stays up on current online marketing strategies? … Continue reading “Optimize Local Maps To Get Found”

Attract More Dental Patients With Digital Marketing Strategies That Work!

We know you’re too busy running your dental practice, and don’t have time to worry about marketing. We take it off your hands.

Email Still Works…You Better Be Using It!

Many companies have written off email marketing, or lowered it on their priority list. This in my opinion is a big mistake! If you are not using email in your follow up strategy with clients, and for lead generation, you are losing a huge percentage of revenue. Sending sequenced emails that are pre-planned, is a … Continue reading “Email Still Works…You Better Be Using It!”



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