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Is Your Marketing Working?

Having worked with dentists for the past 9 years, I’ve spoken about this many times. Dentistry is ultra-competitive. The ADA (American Dental Association) states for every 100,000 population there are 60-80 or more dentists. The dentists who are at the top are investing the most in marketing and advertising. But not just any marketing, but … Continue reading “Is Your Marketing Working?”

How Much Should You Invest In Marketing To Grow Your Revenues

In having dozens of calls with dentists every week, one of the most critical topics of the call and sometimes for the dentist the most painful is… “How Much Should I Invest To Grow My Dental Practice Revenues?” Most dentists focus on their clinical skills, and that is quite frankly the correct approach, but if … Continue reading “How Much Should You Invest In Marketing To Grow Your Revenues”

How To Stand Out From All The Other Dentists In Your Area

I speak to dozens of dentists every week. Some are client calls, many are dentists interested in our dental marketing services. The common theme is always “we need more patients!”. Every business wants more customers, clients or patients, but the question I always ask is “so how are attracting them?” Dentistry is an ultra-competitive market, … Continue reading “How To Stand Out From All The Other Dentists In Your Area”

Is Your Marketing Company Dropping The Ball?

I talk to approximately 10 dentists every week who are unhappy with the results their current marketing company is getting for them. It’s rampant in dentistry. I’m not saying we are the “cure-all-end-all” but there are critical issues that need to be addressed when working with any marketing company, and below I’ll outline them so … Continue reading “Is Your Marketing Company Dropping The Ball?”

Reducing No-Shows: Tips to Prevent Empty Schedules

You go through your schedule the night before a busy day and notice that every appointment spot is taken, and it seems like you won’t have a minute to spare. However, when you revisit your schedule at the end of the next day, you see that two patients had rescheduled while two others were a … Continue reading “Reducing No-Shows: Tips to Prevent Empty Schedules”

How To Grow Your Porcelain Veneer Revenues

Click This Link To Schedule Your Call With Me We talk with dentists every week who enjoy doing cosmetic dentistry (specifically porcelain veneer cases) and would like to do more of them but don’t have the online presence in place to convert more website visitors into new patients. Understanding Consumer Mindest Getting into the mind … Continue reading “How To Grow Your Porcelain Veneer Revenues”

Does Your Dental Website Need To Be Refreshed?

The majority of dental websites we see unfortunately have not been updated for quite a long time. Some even years. If you want your website to represent your brand in the best possible light, you’ve got to make sure it’s updated and current. People searching for a dentist on the Internet have higher expectations when … Continue reading “Does Your Dental Website Need To Be Refreshed?”

Top Dental Review Sites For Dentists

Click Here To Schedule A 15 Minute Exploratory Call When people are looking for a dentist online one of the first things they are going to do is read reviews about your practice. They will most likely type in your practice name and “reviews” after that in a google search. What comes up is something … Continue reading “Top Dental Review Sites For Dentists”

Your Dental Content Is Repelling Patients

Click here to schedule a time to talk about your website To be realistic, most people (85% are women) searching for a dentist will not read much of the content on your website, but… if they do you want them to resonate with it. Unfortunately, all the dental websites we see fail miserably at it. … Continue reading “Your Dental Content Is Repelling Patients”

Is Your Dental Website Safe?

Click here to schedule a time to talk about your website How would you like this to come up when someone is searching for a dentist and they click on your listing in google? Can you imagine what that would do to your dental practice? Google is now really impressing upon website owners to have … Continue reading “Is Your Dental Website Safe?”


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