Mobile Marketing For Scottsdale Dentists

Check Out This Cosmetic Dentist Video For Marketing In Scottsdale The dental niche in Scottsdale has become very competitive. Dentists are now realizing the power of mobile marketing. They see it in their practices. All you have to do is look out in your waiting room. What is everybody doing? They’re on their phones. Texting, … Continue reading “Mobile Marketing For Scottsdale Dentists”

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Dental Website?

Many dentists we talk to nearly forget about their website and don’t place much value on them. When I ask them the last time they updated or refreshed their website they don’t know. Your Website Is Your Online Hub For Your Dental Business Your website is the hub to your entire dental business on the … Continue reading “When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Dental Website?”

How To Survive During This Tough Time

How to communicate with your patients and people searching; and be safe at the same time with… live online chat. See special offer below! With these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to be there for both your patients and anyone inquiring about your dental services via the Internet. And believe me, they … Continue reading “How To Survive During This Tough Time”

What Is Your Dental Brand?

Often times when I’m doing an initial exploratory call with a dentist I ask them what makes their practice different and why should someone come to them over the dentist next door? Dental Branding That Works One of the most important elements of your dental business is your brand. If you sound like every other … Continue reading “What Is Your Dental Brand?”

Images You Must Have On Your Dental Website For You To Standout

After analyzing over 2500 dental websites the past 10 years I see a common theme across the majority of them. It is so important for you to read this article as it can directly improve your bottom line revenues. I need you to understand your website is the hub to your dental business online. Many … Continue reading “Images You Must Have On Your Dental Website For You To Standout”

Get More Google Reviews Fast To Attract More Patients

One critical component to your dental business success is online reviews, especially google reviews. With all things being equal if you have the most 5 star google reviews you will get the clicks and calls. Hands down! Even Referrals Check Your Online Reputation I often have calls with dentists who say their business is referral-based. … Continue reading “Get More Google Reviews Fast To Attract More Patients”

The Biggest Challenge With Dental Offices – Follow Up

We are seeing a dilemma with the majority of dental offices we work with and what’s being said in dental groups and forums. The main issue regarding dental marketing is not the leads we provide but the lack of follow up with these leads. No…not all leads are bad!  That is not possible! I’ve talked … Continue reading “The Biggest Challenge With Dental Offices – Follow Up”

How Much Does A Dental Website Cost?

If you’re a startup dentist or one that wants to take your dental business to the next level, you most likely know you need to have a custom dental website that showcases your brand, gets found in the search engines and entices people to take action. It can drive you crazy like our friend to … Continue reading “How Much Does A Dental Website Cost?”

How Much Does SEO Cost For A Dentist?

If you’re a successful dental business you most likely have used an SEO Agency to get more traffic to your website for many of the procedures you offer. Unfortunately, SEO is the “black hole” for many of you, as you’ve all most likely had a bad experience or two with a dental SEO agency. Dental … Continue reading “How Much Does SEO Cost For A Dentist?”

How To Rank In Google For Multiple Location Dental Offices

If you are a dental business that owns multiple locations this article is for you. Whether you are a DSO or dental group, you’ll want to implement these strategies to give you the foundation to rank in the google maps section, which is where the majority of calls come from when someone is searching on … Continue reading “How To Rank In Google For Multiple Location Dental Offices”

Is Your Marketing Working?

Having worked with dentists for the past 9 years, I’ve spoken about this many times. Dentistry is ultra-competitive. The ADA (American Dental Association) states for every 100,000 population there are 60-80 or more dentists. The dentists who are at the top are investing the most in marketing and advertising. But not just any marketing, but … Continue reading “Is Your Marketing Working?”



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