Best Review Sites For Dentists

For many dentists, your reviews online can make or break your ability to attract new patients to your practice.

Knowing what review sites to focus your efforts on will give you a headstart with your online reputation marketing. Unfortunately, without a strategy to gain more reviews on these different platforms, your ability to gain authority in your area will be minimal, while your top competitors will be getting all the phone calls.

Top 5 Dental Review Sites

Yelp: Unfortunately, Yelp, which isn’t a niche specific review site for dentists needs to be near the top in importance as it has become a beast in the search results, and millions of people use it when choosing a local business or service, such as a dentist.

Doctoroogle: This is one of the top review sites for dentists, and should be a major focus in your marketing efforts to attract more dental patients. Again, not just specific to dentists, but critical in your reputation management efforts. Many times you’ll see first page rankings in google for “city + dentists”, so it can be an opportunity for you to gain another first page position for your practice.

Healthgrades: This is another monster of website for all doctors. Many people use it when searching for general physicians, plastic surgeons, chirpractors, and of course dentists. This review site like Doctoroogle, has garnered many first page rankings for competitive local dental terms.

Zocdoc: Many dentists I speak with have not heard of this one, but is very popular in the medical community, and cannot be ignored. If you type in google best review sites for dentists, it comes up on the first page. So that is telling us google sees it as an authority dental review website.

RateMDS: Yet again, not just for the dental niche, but a very powerful site that many people use when choosing a doctor, including a dentist. Another one you cannot ignore in your rep management strategy to attract more patients to your practice.

Now many of you may be a little disappointed that I didn’t mention the dozens of niche-specific review sites, and the reason why, is you only want to spend your valuable money on the ones that have the most power in both the search engines and for consumers.

Just to give you what you may have been expecting, some




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