Your Orthodontic Content Is Hurting Your Revenues!

I hope that caught your attention. Even though that is a strong statement, and for many orthodontists reading this, will cop an attitude with me. That’s ok. It’s not personal, it’s business! If you want to grow your ortho revenues, and stand out from your competition keep reading.

I have been known to not sugarcoat anything when talking to orthos on the phone. I guess I could improve my bedside manner, but do you want higher revenues or an orthodontic marketing partner who is a “yes” person and does not tell you what you need to hear to improve your online conversions.

I digress, let’s get on with the juicy stuff so you can go back to your website and make it better. Okay?

Analyze The Current Content On Your Orthodontic Website

One of the first things I do in preparation for a call with a prospecting orthodontist is a quick dive into their website. Nothing too detailed as we are just having our first (of several) exploratory, discovery calls.

Are you too “we” focused?

Here is what I do, and you can do this right now. This one is critical so don’t put it off.

  • Do a right click with your mouse on your homepage.
  • View source
  • Use find feature
  • Look for all the occurrences of “we”, “us” “our” or “I”.

This will be a wakeup call, as the average ortho homepage we see is somewhere around 12-15 occurrences of just the word “we” let alone the others.

What you need to know is if you find this issue, your website is focused on you and not your website visitor. I hate to tell you, but when people search in google, they typically are looking for a solution to a problem.

When they click on a result that website better be talking to them, and connecting emotionally with their problem in the first 5 seconds. If it doesn’t, they are gone and will hire the orthodontist who speaks to them and their needs and desires.

So go into every page of your site (or have our ortho content marketing team do it), and change out every”we”, “us” “our” or “I” with “you” and “your”.

Use Emotion In Your Orthodontic Copy

We all know people make decisions on emotion and rationalize after. If that is true, then your ortho content must meet them head on from an emotional standpoint.

So let’s say it’s a 40-year-old female who is embarrassed by her smile. To the point of not wanting to open her mouth in public. This is very painful. And most of the stories we hear from our ortho clients regarding this demographic is they have felt this way for years and years.

When they finally reach a point and know they want to solve this very emotional problem, they want someone who is speaking their language. Understanding their struggle. Knowing it’s also a financial decision.

So the first words on your adult braces or Invisalign page better connect immediately with them. Do you now see if they start reading “we” content, they are gone?

I can go deeper on this, but if you’re becoming a believer maybe it’s time we jump on a quick call to explore how we can help you with your website to increase conversions, new patient numbers, and revenues.

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