Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Dental Website

After having looked at hundreds of dental websites, I’ve come across some fatal mistakes (flaws) many of them have, and the majority of these are being produced by big, national dental marketing firms, so shame on you!

When you launch your website on the internet you must have a goal you want to achieve with it. I know this may sound like common sense, but many of these dentists websites are not following this golden rule.


Hiding Your Phone Number

Take a look at a current dental website I came across on the Internet. This commits almost all the flaws I mention below. This is the entire homepage and look how huge that image is.

No text for visitors or google to find. Dark background with lighter font color, which is very hard to read. Phone number no where that’s visible. No blog. This is what your website should not look like! This was done by a big, national dental marketing firm.

Dental practices want new patients. The internet is where they are, so your website better do its job of enticing people to pick up the phone and call your office. If not, your website is just another wasted piece of internet real estate.

What I see on many dental websites is a hidden phone number. You are making the visitor work to find it. Guess what? They’re gone if this happens! Instead, have your number high up on every web page of your site, so it’s visible. Don’t make them look for it.

No Call To Action

You’ve got to take your visitor by the hand and tell them what you want them to do on each and every page of your website. If you don’t, they won’t know what to do, and you’ll have wasted all that good content for not. We refer to this as a direct response website.

The main call to action as mentioned above is to have them call your office to make an appointment. You achieve this by not only having the number high on the page, but also having a statement like, “Contact Our Office At 480-555-1212 To Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation” at the end of very content page, including your About page, which many dentists don’t do, and that page gets a lot of views from a new visitor.

Chaotic Design

What I see the majority of the time is homepages, as well as interior pages that have to much stuff, making it very difficult for a

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