Tips To Develop Your Dental Practice Philosophy #16

Andre Shirdan on Your Dental Success podcast

Andre Shirdan, talks about dental practice philosophy to stand out from the crowd and grow your revenues.

Andre is an author, inspirational speaker, coach and certified trainer. He is the Creator of The CREW Process, and co-creator of the Periodontal StatCk (“Stat Check”). Today, Andre celebrates close to 30 years in dentistry and the practices using his CREW Process have found great personal success. Andre is known to be motivational, genuine, down-to-earth, frank and devilishly funny.

He talks about the 1% rule. People, Process and Profit are the standard business triune. At 33% each, that makes 99%. The 1% “gap” is Philosophy.

Helping doctors define their philosophy sets the stage for who they hire and treat (People), the procedures they do, insurances they take and equipment they use (Process) and how much they charge, invest, give to charity and pay their crew (profit). Philosophy is his niche.

Here’s is what we talked about:

  • How to define a clinical philosophy.
  • What drives a profit philosophy.
  • How a crew is led by a philosophy.


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