Why Hire An Orthodontics Marketing Company For SEO and Web Design?

Orthodontics like cosmetic dentistry is a highly profitable business. With each case being worth around the $5,000 range, it is well worth investing in digital marketing to capture more of the marketplace in your city.

Unfortunately, many orthodontists like dentists have hired general digital marketing firms that had no knowledge of orthodontics, nor did they have any consumer behavior information, which is crucial to being able to capture your website visitor, resonate with them, then get them to pick up the phone and call your practice.

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Mothers Are Your Main Orthodontic Demographic

We know from working with Ortho’s that one of the main demographics searching online is mothers. They want to make sure they make the right decision for their son or daughter. They will take the time to do their due diligence online.

In fact, we have heard many mothers who will do their online research, check out the online reviews and website of the top ranking orthodontists, then still set up consultations with the top 2 or 3. Now that is a thorough approach to hiring an orthodontist. But we know it’s happening, therefore the importance of having a specialist company who works with Orthodontists, even dentists as opposed to working with other local business, and even medical doctors.

Mothers have high expectations when they land on a website. They expect it to be updated and modern looking (which takes 5 seconds). After they, they will go to the About page to see what kind of doctor (and person) the Orthodontist is. How long have they been practicing. What kind of continuing education they have taken. Then the mother will move onto the staff. She will want to know what kind of people will be working inside the mouth of their child.

Are you showcasing your brand via your content and design? We’ve created some really neat website designs where we took the theme of the inside of the practice and built out the website with that same theme. So a mother landing on the website can see it’s uniqueness. Too many ortho sites are generic with no brand, no theme, and no personality.

Location Is Important

Because a mother has a full day of responsibilities, she does not want to have to drive 30 minutes for orthodontic appointments every month. But…if she finds one via her online research, has a good consultation, she is willing to drive that far to know she has chosen the right one for her child. Which makes it a huge opportunity for you to draw from further out than say a dentist could.

Staying on this location topic, your website better make easy to see where exactly you are located, so the mother can see how far a drive it is. You do this by having a map and directions on every page of your orthodontic website. So no matter what page they land on from their specific search in google, it will be on any page.

Get Found Using SEO

So now, you have an updated or redesigned, great looking, high-converting orthodontic website, but it means nothing at all if people can’t find you when they are searching in google (or bing, yahoo).

Having an orthodontic-specific SEO firm to do this is critical. As they know buyer intent, as well as all the phrases people type in when looking for what you have to offer, whether it be traditional braces like Damon, or Invisalign. The opportunity to attract and convert new patients from google search is quite impressive.

When figuring ROI it’s straight forward, as you offer traditional braces or Invisalign. Maybe 2 different types of metal braces. But either way, the revenue per patient is consistent.

The investment in SEO for orthodontists can be a 10:1 or better ROI.

An important part of SEO is making sure your website is optimized perfectly for google best practices. We’ve seen this over-and-over again where the website is outdated, and using SEO tactics that are no longer acceptable by google. And then, the orthodontist wants to know why they are not being found on the first page for their city or surrounding areas.

Content on your Ortho website is also critical. It needs to be highly valuable to both google and your visitor. The majority of Ortho sites have been created by a company using a template and cookie-cutter content that is found on hundreds of other sites. This is called duplicate content and google does not like and your visitor will pick up on the “canned” content very quickly and leave your site.

The bottom line is an Orthodontic Marketing Specialist is the best choice if you really want to leverage the Internet into much great revenues for your practice.

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