Why Should Dentists Hire A Dental Marketing Expert For SEO and Web Design?

In decades past, advertising for a dentist was taboo. And then came the Yellow Pages. We are in a new digital world, where the majority of people searching for a dentist will go online. It doesn’t matter if they got a referral from a co-worker, friend, family member…they will still look the dentist up online. They will go to their website and read online reviews.

Dentistry Is Competitive

As you know, being a dentist, it is very competitive. When driving around a city, it seems there is a dentist on every city block. We know there are not that many, but there is no shortage of dentists for sure. In fact, the American Dental Association did a study a few years back and came up with a staggering number.

For every 100,000 in population there are between 60-80 (and sometimes pushing 100) dentists in a city. As more and more dentists are realizing they need to implement digital marketing, including a high-converting custom dental website, and search engine optimization to be found when people are searching for their specific dental need.

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One big challenge is the big corporates coming into your city, with big budgets to throw at their marketing. It’s becoming more and more challenging to compete with them, and that is why it is critical to implement strategic digital marketing programs to attract those same people they are going after.

What Is Digital Marketing For A Dentist?

Digital marketing can encompass many different strategies, of which the majority can be effective, but it all depends on your marketing budget. Based on small business statistics we’ve read, if a business wants to grow their revenues they should be investing 3%-5% of their gross revenues back into marketing.

When we think of digital marketing it starts with your website. How effective is you website in converting visitors into new patients? Do you track this on a monthly basis? It is important to know if people are responding positively or negatively to your current website. Implementing call tracking is one strategic to know how many calls your website and online searches is producing.

When was the last time you updated your website? When was the last time you had it redesigned? We see the majority of dental websites are outdated, with cookie-cutter content that was provided by the previous company and is on 100’s of other dental websites. No branding. And very low converting copy that can actually repel the visitor, instead of having them call you to schedule an appointment.

Get Found When People Search For Their Desired Dental Issue

Once you have a high-converting, updated dental website, you need to make sure people can find you when they are searching in google. Being here in Arizona, the analogy I tell a dentist on the phone is…it’s like being in the desert with your beautiful website and practice. It doesn’t matter because no one knows you exist.

Implementing search engine optimization is a very effective strategy to get visitors to your website. Unfortunately, we have calls everyday with dentists who have been burned by previous, shady SEO companies. It’s disheartening to listen to, but we are here to help you once-and-for-all get the results you’ve been wanting.

The search landscape for most businesses is becoming more competitive. Dentists are hiring SEO agencies to be at the top of the organic and maps rankings. This competitiveness makes it more expensive as well, as it takes an agency more resources to attain those top rankings.

But the investment in dental SEO can bring your practice 10, 20 or up to 4o new patients each and every month. It depends on the size of your city as to how many people are searching for a dentist. But what I want you to understand is there are always going to be new families moving into your area. They will go to google to search for all their local services, including a dentist. You want to capture these people right there!

Other Digital Marketing Strategies

Along with a high-converting dental website and SEO, there are other strategies including Facebook marketing, content and video marketing, as well as PPC.

Hiring a reputable digital marketing agency who specializes in working with dentists is critical to your practice success. We do not ever want to be considered a vendor. We want to be your marketing advisor/partner for years to come.

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