A Disruptive Approach To Attract New Patients

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Chuck Trautman is the founder and CEO of the Arizona Marketing Association and CEO of Better Ad Network.

He is a Marine Sgt Vietnam Veteran, which taught him lifelong leadership skills.

After a short stint in corporate America he bought an auto parts store in Eugene, OR with significant financial assistance from a supplier. He went on to build one 7 figure and two 8 figure businesses growing them as high as $25 million in annual sales.

Chuck has also helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. For himself and his clients he has helped produce over $570 Million in sales in his career.

What we talked about on the episode:

  • Have you seen grass roots marketing that works?
  • What’s the newest strategy that’s working now?
  • How geo-fencing works.
  • What are the stats on mobile searches and time spent in apps?
  • What kind of programs are available for dentists?


Website: https://betteradnetwork.com/
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